Water deregulation – industry launches awareness campaign

Water deregulationThe water industry has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the new non-household retail water market in England, which deregulates in April 2017.

When the market opens on 3 April, 1.2 million businesses, charities and public sector organisations will be able to choose which company will supply their retail water services. A survey by the water industry regulator Ofwat has discovered that up to two-thirds of eligible customers are unaware of this development.

Water industry organisations have joined together to support the awareness-raising campaign to ensure customers do not miss out on the benefits of choice, which include consolidating multiple services into a single high-performance service. If your business is eligible, you will no longer be restricted to buying retail water services from your regional water company as you have to today. Instead, you will be free to choose.

To assist you with this transition, The Waterbuyers can help you by consolidating clean water and wastewater services from different water suppliers into a single high-performance service, saving money, time and resources. A trusted provider of utility buying and demand reduction services – and 100% independent of water suppliers – we can ensure you make savings when these become tenderable. We always go out to the whole market – and we set the benchmark in pricing performance.

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