Have you thought about ESOS compliance yet?

ESOS is unavoidable: with the scheme written into UK law since 2014, we’re already in the second compliance phase. Fewer than 60% of the 10,000 businesses qualifying for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme were compliant by the extended deadline last year. On the qualification date of 31st December 2018, companies with more than 250 employees or an annual turnover of €50million and a balance sheet of €43million will need to comply.

We can help you become ESOS compliant Phase 1 into Phase 2 with a comprehensive ESOS audit schedule, giving you benefits far beyond compliance alone: we can help you identify improvements to help you become more competitive, to boost productivity, increase staff energy awareness and minimise risk from future energy costs – whilst demonstrating corporate social responsibility internally and externally. Our experts have already enabled 79 client organisations to become 100% compliant.

The deadline for Phase 2 is December 2019 but you need to plan now: booking a site audit early can deliver a real cost benefit as demand for auditors will only increase as the deadline looms. The specialist teams at The Energy Brokers and pemxq can deliver a complete ESOS service.

If you need to get started or would like a conversation about any aspect of energy compliance or energy efficiency opportunities, simply get in touch with your account contact, or visit our Comply page. Alternatively you can email info@tebl.com or call +44 (0)330 221 1000.

Source: The Energy Brokers