Underhand tactics in energy pricing and selling: revealed

The Energy Brokers is strongly advising businesses to clarify key points when choosing an energy supply partner.

With many cases of abuse reported each year in the energy broker sector, we believe that buyers need to be fully aware of the total fee being paid from an energy supplier to the broker. Indeed, we recommend that you assess all offers that you receive from potential suppliers on a level basis in this regard.

With the mandatory Code of Practice now shelved, Third Party Intermediaries are not subject to direct sectoral regulation in the same way as energy suppliers. We are therefore advising our business users to be aware of poor practices that could mean they end up paying more than they should for electricity and gas, or be locked-in to unfavourable terms for a long time.

With this in mind, we have published our Executive Briefing Paper “Openness and Transparency in Energy Pricing and Purchasing”. This free discussion paper explains why buyers should be wary, reveals some of the dodgy tactics used, discusses the need for greater clarity – and suggests key questions you should ask any potential partner.

Download your copy here.

As an early mover in the deregulated UK energy market, The Energy Brokers Limited has developed an industry reputation for openness, transparency, market intelligence and ethical working practices.

Our approach has resulted in a high level of client retention – greater than 97% – and to all energy suppliers noting that our fees are among the best value in the industry. Where our business has lost customers in the past based on price, subsequent investigations have revealed evidence of bad practices, which can be extremely difficult for energy users and consumers to identify in advance. This, we believe, is due to a lack of openness and transparency on behalf of some TPIs and unfortunately across the energy buying sector in general.

Source: The Energy Brokers Limited