TEBL shortlisted for energy awards: ‘rewarding excellence in the energy business’

The Energy Brokers has been shortlisted in two categories at The Energy Awards 2017: Third Party Intermediary (Broker) of the Year (greater than 50 employees) and Energy Buying Team of the Year. The awards ceremony takes place at the London Hilton hotel on Park Lane, 6th December.

Third Party Intermediary (Broker) of the Year

According to the awards organiser, “Getting the best for your customers is the name of the game for this award. Whether it is getting the best price, advising how to buy energy effectively or managing a client’s carbon plan, this category aims to show why a business should use a broker and what advantages this offers.” Our submission highlighted the fact that, on behalf of customers, TEBL’s innovative risk and buying strategies mean we have outperformed the market by 20-35% over the last decade, while maintaining longstanding trusted relationships with suppliers. We also focused on business ethics – our transparent ethos and open book policy that has remained constant for 20 years – plus the fact we invest on our people, and that the mantra of our Customer Experience function is to over-deliver. Our customer retention rate is more than 96% and our Net Promoter Score is 52, in the upper quartile for service-based businesses.

Energy Buying Team of the Year

The organisers say this award was introduced to emphasise the importance of teamwork. This award “recognises a company’s ability to devise and implement a purchasing strategy that manages energy prices in a controllable manner, while achieving below budget costs for gas and electricity procurement.”

Our submission stated that “everything we do in understanding a customer’s energy requirements, market engagement, negotiation, procurement, demand management, risk and contract delivery is focused on teamwork and delivering best value. Our Energy Buying Team is 100% focused on consistently exceeding customer expectations.” We explained that performing ‘better than average’ is not acceptable as a benchmark: we aim for our overall client portfolio to purchase in the bottom quartile of the wholesale price range, and that understanding each client’s aims, ambitions and challenges is critical, with delivery of energy buying framed by the most appropriate energy supply contracts. Case studies featured included helping a client to save approx. US$8 million per annum, and enabling another to achieve a benefit-against-budget of up to 20%.

Source: The Energy Brokers