water.Retail asks what makes us different

water.Retail magazine recently asked four key individuals at Consultus International, parent group of The Energy Brokers and The Waterbuyers, what makes our services stand out from the competition.

Adam Madeley, Head of Water Operations

We offer genuine market insight and experience. The Waterbuyers team is led by Ed Gray – former director of energy for Hilton Worldwide and head of energy and carbon for Marks & Spencer – and, myself, who spent the past four years with Severn Trent and then Water Plus, England’s biggest water retailer, preparing for the opening of the competitive water market. This is in-depth knowledge of water deregulation, English pricing and value-add opportunity, coupled with client-side expectation, allows us to be truly consultative in what we do.

Jonathan Akers, Director

We formed The Waterbuyers to enable a dedicated focus on the water market and its deregulation, and we recruited industry experts to add value for our clients. Our integrated software that manages water accounts is the same core platform as other utilities. The combination of our systems and procurement expertise ensures our clients can benefit from market-leadiing experts and the one-stop shop vision of all their utility data via our consultants and web-portal into our systems.

David Peake, Director

Our USP is without doubt our ethics. We have pioneered transparency in the TPI marketplace and always put the customer first.  We provide “best advice to clients” – and in some case that means “don’t switch yet” – and work on an open book, trust partner basis.

Luke Booth, Senior Consultant

A one-size-fits-all approach is not adequate in this market and The Waterbuyers is uniquely building long-term strategies with clients to review the market on a regular and ongoing basis.  This approach means clients are kept informed of market developments and our regular communication means clients will benefit from market evolution.

For more information on how The Waterbuyers can help you navigate the new water market, email info@thewaterbuyers.com

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State of the market update from The Waterbuyers

The new deregulated water market is a fast-flowing situation so expect quite a few developments in the weeks running up to the market launching.

For now, industry regulator Ofwat and the Government Open Water programme remain upbeat. They maintain confidence in preparations for the 1st April 2017 “go live” date. While there is skepticism from many quarters over how accurate this view is, at this stage we should take the guidance offered by the regulators. The feeling on the ground – and the opinion of many of those already involved in making the market – is slightly more pessimistic. We only need to look to the June referendum and US election to note that “official guidance” and opinion polls are sometimes seriously flawed – and the sentiment of the masses provides a more accurate barometer.

We know already: the shadow market has been operating since the start of October 2016; not all Wholesalers have provided their pricing to the MOSL system (market operator); customer/business data is not up-to-date – leading to errors for the foreseeable future; we’re awaiting the Secretary of State’s communication that the market is fit for release; plus – individuals and companies may already be contacting business customers to recommend contracting now – so you need to proceed with caution.

Our opinion is that it’s not possible at this stage to provide solid recommendations to contract with any supplier or retail partner. The prices aren’t known and hence any discounts are simply guesses. The position will start to solidify as we continue through February.
So what are the options?

You could do nothing and remain on the retail tariff. This won’t be particularly punitive in the first instance, but is likely to be an increase on what you pay this year.
You can go to market early and take your chances that the pricing is as good as it is going to get.
You can sit back, assess the suppliers on offer… and push the button when the initial dust has settled.
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Additional sources of information: OFWAT / Open Water / MOSL

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Who’s who in the water market

Water is open for business …“From April 2017, nearly every business water customer in England will be able to choose who they pay for their retail services… You can choose to have one retailer for your fresh water supply and another for wastewater services or just have one for both… It could also help you save water, spend less and get more benefits.” Source: Open Water programme – UK government

If you need more background facts relating to deregulation of the UK water market, here’s some resource information which may help you:

Ofwat: The economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales: a non-ministerial government department established in 1989 when the water and sewerage industry in England and Wales was privatised. “The Water Act 2014 enables the creation of a new market for retail water and sewerage services to eligible business customers (businesses, charities and public sector organisations) in England. This new market will work effectively with the existing market in Scotland.”

Open Water: The UK government set up the Open Water programme of work “to deliver the competitive market by April 2017”. Key organisations responsible for delivering the market are the Department for Food, the Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra), Ofwat and MOSL. Defra oversees the framework of the market in England, the Welsh Government oversees the framework in Wales, Ofwat monitors the market and licenses retailers and wholesalers, and market operator MOSL develops/delivers core systems and processes.

MOSL: Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL) is tasked with delivering the core IT systems and processes to support registration, customer switching, and set­tlement between water industry wholesalers and retailers. It also offers its water company members “support and advice on their business readiness activities” as the deregulated market approaches.

The Waterbuyers can help you towards saving on your water costs when water deregulation arrives. Stay up-to-date with the latest water industry news by signing up for our water bulletin, “The Tide”, covering the state of the market, what we know, what our experts think – and the options open to you.

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Water deregulation – industry launches awareness campaign

Water deregulationThe water industry has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the new non-household retail water market in England, which deregulates in April 2017.

When the market opens on 3 April, 1.2 million businesses, charities and public sector organisations will be able to choose which company will supply their retail water services. A survey by the water industry regulator Ofwat has discovered that up to two-thirds of eligible customers are unaware of this development.

Water industry organisations have joined together to support the awareness-raising campaign to ensure customers do not miss out on the benefits of choice, which include consolidating multiple services into a single high-performance service. If your business is eligible, you will no longer be restricted to buying retail water services from your regional water company as you have to today. Instead, you will be free to choose.

To assist you with this transition, The Waterbuyers can help you by consolidating clean water and wastewater services from different water suppliers into a single high-performance service, saving money, time and resources. A trusted provider of utility buying and demand reduction services – and 100% independent of water suppliers – we can ensure you make savings when these become tenderable. We always go out to the whole market – and we set the benchmark in pricing performance.

For more information please email info@thewaterbuyers.com or call 0330 024 5707.

Open up household water to competition says Ofwat

water_tapWater regulator Ofwat has stated that the household water market in England and Wales should be opened up to competition. The comments from Ofwat came in a response to a government report in November 2015 that asked the regulator to investigate the costs and benefits of competition.

The findings disclose that a wider water market could bring new offers such as water efficiency services, detection of leaks and multiple service bundles for customers that could include a combination of water and energy services. Despite these perceived benefits, Ofwat is cautious in its proposals; saying that “there can be no guarantee of how successful introducing competition to the residential retail water market would be. But the evidence from our assessment suggests that a net positive outcome is more likely than not.” The assessment points to a significant level of potential benefits worth around £2.9 billion over a 30 year period.  According to Ofwat, greater competition may only have a modest short term impact on bills, with an annual saving of £8 although point to greater customer service. Lower bills would possible be realised over a longer time scale as retailers achieve efficiencies and challenge wholesale prices the report said. Ofwat was keen to highlight that their proposed market would be competitive, not unregulated in order to protect customers and public health and safety.

The water market was privatised in 1989 and competition within the non-residential market introduced in 2014.

Source: Sky News