Commonly asked questions

What makes The Energy Brokers Limited unique?

We continue to be a market leader in our sector and our core business strengths and the items that we believe differentiate us from our competitors are:

  • Open book policy – we operate on a transparent basis with both clients and suppliers, there are no hidden costs and our advice is therefore completely impartial.
  • Partnership approach – we believe in the importance of working in partnership with our clients to achieve their specific requirements and are proud of our high level of customer retention rates. We do not believe that “one size fits all” and are happy to tailor solutions to clients’ needs.
  • Effective Negotiation – we operate with all suppliers in the market and our in-depth knowledge, established presence and longstanding relationships allow us to ensure best prices can be achieved.
  • Market Intelligence & Risk Management – our dedicated team of analysts allow us access to up to the minute pricing information, which along with an informed understanding of market dynamics help to deliver financial benefits.
  • Post contract services – The Energy Brokers Limited are committed to quality customer service and aim to build lasting working partnerships with our clients. Our dedicated Account Managers are tasked to ensure the smooth running of contracts after they are awarded, coordinating all query management and bespoke client reporting.

What should companies be considering when making a broker selection decision?

In The Energy Brokers Limited’s view, companies should be looking to select a supply partner who can best deliver a whole suite of utility procurement services on the basis of a bespoke and transparent approach.

The broker should understand both the companies business activities and utility requirements before engaging them into recommended strategies.

It is important that the chosen supply partner can react to change and evolve their approach around developments in the market and corporate decisions.

Who would manage our account?

The Energy Brokers Limited currently operate from our HQ in Leicester. We have created an organisational structure which focuses on continuity of contact and support for the client. Once appointed, we identify key account management personnel to act as the single point of contact, thus developing strong working relationships to ensure that the client needs are best met.

What IT solutions do The Energy Brokers Limited use to track, purchase and monitor energy?

The Energy Brokers Limited use a variety of IT solutions, which are developed in-house using our own software development team. These solutions have been developed over many years to accommodate market complexity and volatility, as well as our client’s bespoke requirements.

Typically we have dedicated software and servers to power our fixed price customers and volume usage that feed through to our websites and reporting tools.

For flexible solutions we have the facility to either use existing client formats or to implement a system tailored to suit our clients requirements.

What are the important factors to successful energy procurement?

The Energy Brokers Limited’s experience with numerous clients in a vast array of industries suggests that the important factors regarding energy procurement services include:

  • Assessment and management of energy market risk
  • Route to obtaining “best” prices
  • Effective budget management
  • Effective data management
  • Consumption, Performance & Carbon reporting
  • Single point of contact to other energy/utility related matters
  • Bureau services
  • Pro-active communication

How are The Energy Brokers Limited fees paid?

Following the commencement of services The Energy Brokers Limited’s fees can be either recovered by a transparent brokerage commission payable directly from the successful supplier or on the basis of a direct fee charged to client.

How do The Energy Brokers Limited ensure that their fees are transparent?

In event that a client chooses the brokerage commission option, The Energy Brokers Limited are happy for the client to confirm the details of the total payment received from the supplier to The Energy Brokers Limited in connection with the contract. The Energy Brokers Limited would also recommend that any company using a broker should verify whether a similar arrangement exists with their own broker to ensure clarity and parity on total costs paid.

How do The Energy Brokers Limited mobilise a new contract?

Upon a client providing a firm order/signing a contract/letter of intent, we would:

  • Arrange an internal ‘sales’ to ‘account management’ briefing.
  • With all parties arrange a client mobilisation meeting and agree actions/timescales.
  • Obtain a client signed authorisation form.
  • Arrange a handover meeting from the incumbent supplier/s.
  • Setup new client/sites on our systems.
  • Feedback/resolution of queries.
  • QA systems and ensure actions are completed
  • Commence operational activities.

How do The Energy Brokers Limited undertake the Tender Negotiation process?

The Energy Brokers Limited prides itself on being extremely thorough during the Tender Negotiation process, which is reflected in the prices achieved. The stages, which are undertaken and adhered to, are:

  • Stage 1 – Site and meter data preparation
  • Stage 2 – Pre-Tender
  • Stage 3 – Market Indication (Benchmarking)
  • Stage 4 – Tender Process
  • Stage 5 – Strike Day
  • Stage 6 – Post Tender Process