Together – you’re stronger

We offer a unique fully managed approach to flexible energy procurement that enables smaller mid-market companies to benefit from economies of scale, more agile purchasing and lower costs – with no cross-subsidy meaning you only pay for what you use while gaining all the benefits of your own optimised energy procurement by an industry leader.


What we offer

Our proven Consortium approach – with your membership fully co-ordinated and managed by The Energy Brokers – generates enough volume in energy buying for you to truly benefit from ongoing market changes and more flexible prices. No other provider has as much buying experience in deregulated energy markets.

  • Designed for mid-market energy users who want to save money and minimise market risk: gain price benefits through a portfolio approach to energy buying
  • We manage the complexity on your behalf, planning and handling smarter energy procurement throughout the agreed life of the portfolio
  • Consortium membership also includes our industry-leading Bill Validation service to ensure you’re being charged the correct amount

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Flexible energy procurement so you can benefit from economies of scale - you only pay for what you use