International expertise for smarter cross-border energy procurement

As flexible as you need us to be: cross border delivery plus In Country, For Country services

We work at whatever level you need us – and price our industry leading services to suit. By gaining a deep understanding of usage and demand, we can reduce your consumption and costs by engaging with local markets and suppliers in the smartest ways – and through the unique ability to roll-up national data, compliance and reporting points to offer a genuine cross-border service.

Working across all utility markets and national geographies, we support our clients in deregulated, regulated and emerging markets – and for any combination.

  • International – complete multinational coverage for multi-site, cross-border operations
  • In Country, For Country – focused services for any client in any national market
  • Utility procurement, management and efficiency services: electricity, gas, water
  • Full life cycle approach including Demand Reduction, Cost Savings, Contract Optimisation
  • All the compliance and reporting points a multinational wants across different settlement systems


  • In Country, For Country
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  • Operating wherever you need us to be
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  • Providing the local detail, market intelligence and client-focused services you demand
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  • We gain a complete understanding of your requirements, consumption and costs
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  • Measurable benefits: reduced demand, lower costs, smarter consolidated reporting, greater control
  • International
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  • Delivering across multiple sites, markets and geographies
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  • Unique ability to ‘roll up’ individual country activity, data and reporting into a single cross border service
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  • We aggregate and deliver all compliance and reporting points a multinational required across different settlement systems


Interactive map: regulated, de-regulated and emerging markets

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De-Regulated Countries

Emerging Countries

Regulated Countries

Our dedicated International Energy Specialists combine language skills with a solid understanding of the markets