World-class negotiators ensure the best outcomes for our clients

We are the energy procurement specialists, with more experience in the energy buying marketplace than any other provider. 100% independent, we tender our fixed price business out to all of the Big Six suppliers alongside smaller trusted providers, and we work on a like-for-like basis: commission rates are the same.


We are the benchmark for rigorous, open and trusted energy procurement

Fixed price or flexible pricing? What are your options? With all negotiations, processes and documentation completely open and transparent, three factors make us different: we work hard to understand your environment and then tailor supplies – cost, duration, risk strategy – accordingly; in terms of both market intelligence and tender documents, we are always one step ahead of the competition, only using clean validated data from independent sources; and whilst maintaining our independence and market objectivity, we are also supplier-friendly – energy suppliers know we are totally professional, and want to work with us. We deliver market-leading Flexible Procurement services.


  • Full Tender Negotiation
  • Like-for-like offer comparison
  • Benchmarking


Our buying specialists ensure you benefit from smarter procurement

More experience in the energy buying marketplace than any other provider