Helping you plan a long-term strategy, managing your risk end-to-end

Making the unknown more visible, and helping you profit from a changing risk landscape

We can enable you to deal with the real-world risks you face in the ongoing planning, procurement and management of your energy and utility requirements – so you can properly balance risk vs reward.

From helping you plan a long-term strategy and managing risk end-to-end on your behalf to providing you with light-touch ad hoc support when you need it, our experience gives us the confidence to take a position and provide you with informed advice at any given time, whatever the scale of your operations and its requirements: we can see the bigger picture and our customers trust us to be the experts.


When to buy – and when not to buy

Drawing on global risk intelligence from multiple sources, sifted and assessed hour-by-hour by our in-house team of specialists, we enable you to understand the changing risk landscape and its cost implications for you, and covering both Price Risk in shifting and uncertain markets and Legislative Risk covering third party and regulatory costs.

Our approach empowers you to make the right decisions at the right time, with our support, to not only minimise the risks you face but to also profit from the opportunities open to you – out to a five-year horizon if required.

Helping you profit from a changing risk landscape: when to buy and when not to buy